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The mission of MCS is to provide technical and business management consulting nationwide to businesses requiring specific, short-term services enabling them to improve performance, increase efficiency and maximize profits.



Current economic pressures are forcing government agencies and industry to reduce technical and business management staff to the absolute minimum. Downsizing through attrition, layoffs or termination leaves voids in the organizations. When special projects, such as proposal preparation, business plans, market analysis or contract phase-in/start-up arise, the resources are not available to take advantage of these opportunities. Management Consultant Services (MCS) provides the solution to these short-term needs with experienced technical and business management consultants who can fill these voids by supporting your existing staff or providing complete turnkey services.

Many new business start-ups are craft-based or started by technical professionals. Each type is highly skilled in their respective profession and provides high quality products and services to their customers. These new businesses are usually started by a single individual or by a very small group of individuals who are usually similarly skilled. Examples of these kinds of businesses are machine shops, fabrication shops or small engineering firms. Each individual in the group usually brings some revenue generating function to the start-up operation. In the beginning, the group relies heavily on getting work from previous customers with whom they have been acquainted. Typically, the business grows slowly remaining within the niche market in which the founders are most familiar. When the desire to expand or diversify the business arises, technical and business management consultants are an efficient and reliable way to implement the desired growth.

Frequently, the founders of a small start-up business have all the financial and management resources required to provide the limited volume of products or services to support their small customer base. However, when the owners begin to try to expand their customer base and compete for larger commercial contracts and contracts from government agencies such as DoT, DoD, DoE, NASA, DARPA, etc., they often lack the expertise to prepare the necessary technical, management and cost proposals required to compete for these contracts. They also often lack sufficient financial reserves to support the increased cash flow associated with the increase in business volume. Many contract opportunities come by way of Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Grants. These, too, require proposals with rigorous formats, which can be intimidating, and costly, to those who are not experienced in their preparation.

An observation made by bankers and venture capitalists of craft-based businesses and those started by technical professionals is their lack of skill or experience in preparing a properly developed business plan to support their request for a loan or an extension of their line of credit. While the financier may have confidence in the business and may be personally acquainted with those seeking financial assistance, he requires a well-documented plan to justify to the bank's board any loan or extension of credit to the business. The properly developed business plan should project, very accurately, revenues and expenses by month for the following business year and reasonably accurate estimates for the subsequent two years. The plan should be based on well-documented expense and revenue projections with revenue sources identified through market analyses.

MCS offers a broad range of technical and business management services that can be provided by an experienced and dedicated group of consultants whose profiles reflect careers of successfully meeting the management challenges of today's business world. The resumes of these individuals demonstrate their success in growing small businesses to be leaders within their industry.


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